How long do I have to keep the tattoo wrapped up?
Remove the cling film after 2-3 hours. Rinse the tattooed part, pat until dry, not rub. Only on the same day the tattoo has been done, apply again the cling film overnight. The next morning you can remove it.
How often/when do I have to apply the cream?
Apply the cream 3 times a day. Keep it moisturised all the time with a thin layer of cream. Do not put to much cream, just a thin layer. But make sure it is always moisturised to avoid the crust to come up.
Can I expose the tattooed part to the sun?
After 2 weeks, when the tattoo will be totally healed, you can expose it to the sun. We Always advice the highest sun protection cream if you go to the seaside during summer, to protect your tattoo as best as possible, so even after years your tattoo will look amazing.
What cream should I use?
Bepanthen cream.
What do I do when the tattoo starts to scab?
Never scab at the tattoo. Keep going to moisturise it to help the healing process.